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Bui The Trung Nam was born in 1978 in Saigon. He was interested in photography during the school years. At the beginning of 1999, there was a big change in Nam’s educational path. He dropped out of his studies at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics to pursue his dream of photography. So he began to study photography at the Higher School of Art and Culture.

In 2001, Nam was the first Vietnamese student to receive a scholarship from the National School of Photography in Arles, France.

Thanks to his studies in France, Nam is able to develop and perfect his photography talent. In the summer of 2002, he was assistant to Mr. Laurence Langlois, Director of the evenings of the International Festival of Photographic Journalism in Perpignan, France. The summer after, Nam continues to assist in the ultrasound at the Editing Photo Agency. For Nam, the years of studying and working in France help him enrich his experiences and knowledge of photography, especially photojournalism. The experiences acquired in France also help the young photographer to improve his professional skills.

After obtaining a master’s degree in photography in 2004, Nam returned to Vietnam and until now he works at the Institute of Cultural Exchanges with France (IDECAF).

In 2004, Nam finished his first fruits under the title « Roots », a photo book. Through the pages in pictures, Nam described the life of the Vietnamese diaspora in France. He is currently working on his new project called « People from Beyond » and « My Town ».