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Here is from bottom to top and from right to left,
from the oldest to the most recent, from the year 2000 until recently,
here are names and titles which relate to the vast majority of photographers, painters, sculptors, architects or collectors,
whom I have had the chance to meet throughout my life, through the different countries where I have resided,
in France, Japan, Cambodia, North Korea, Switzerland, Mozambique or elsewhere,
for whom I fell in love and for whom I have chosen to organize one or more exhibitions,
in shops, galleries, cultural centers, festivals, museums, public places, indoors or outdoors …

So, to be an exhibition curator, as we call this profession in French or to be an “art curator” as we say in English, what does that mean?
Since curare means to heal in Latin, it therefore means to take care of art and artists, which I strive to do with whom I want to collaborate,
whose works and creative approach I love, which I seek to introduce, to stage and to showcase to the public to whom I am telling a story.

Work alone or in a team, which may seem simple but which conceals skills of organization, coordination, advice, mediation,
communication, dissemination, promotion, sales, before, during and after the exhibition, from hanging to stall, from opening to finishing.

In short, I am the shadow person who strives to bring the artist to light, who I hope will shine for a long time to come.